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  • natural product
  • helps brittle and tired hair
  • powerhouse for the scalp

Aloe Vera

  • natural product
  • healing and relaxed effect
  • said to help against dandruff and hair loss


Avocado Oil

  • natural product
  • soothes and regenerates the skin
  • rich in vitamine E (natural sun protection)
 Cottonseed Oil
  • makes the scalp supple and smooth


  • natural product
  • Antioxidant
  • Prevents rancidity of ingredients


  • a secreted wax by bees wax
  • gives extra grip to hair
  • uneasy to apply when concentration is to high


  • emulsifier
  • Contributes to a uniform distribution in the application

Thistle Oil

  • natural product
  • used against oily skin and acne
  • linoleic acid prevents skin irritation

Peanut Oil

  • natural product
  • a non-drying oil with a softening effect
  • used agains very dry or scaly scalp

Jojoba Oil

  • natural product
  • the onliy natural, liquid oil
  • suitablefor all skintypes

Coconut Oil

  • natural product
  • cooling and soothing
  • helps with very dry and sun-burned hair


  • natural product out of sheep whool (produced without violence to the sheep)
  • Makes hair comb, soft and supple
  • gives volume and shine


  • makes the hair antistatic
  • makes hair better to comb
  • natural emulsifier

Almond Oil

  • natural product
  • soothing and calming
  • is well absorbed by the skin


  • preservative
  • inhibits the development of microorganisms


  • fine crystalline paraffin
  • water resistant
  • odorless

Mineral Oil

  • makes the hair soft and smooth
  • helps against harmful effects
  • neutralizes electric charge on the surface of the hair


  • emulsifier


  • emulsifier
  • helps with a uniform distriubution

Olive Oil

  • natural product
  • helps with dry and mature scalp 
  • has warming, circulation-promoting properties

Polysorbate 60

  • emulsifier
  • contributes to a uniform distribution during application


  • preservative
  • inhibits the development of microorganisms

Propylene Glycol

  • keeps the scalp in good condition
  • maintains the moisture of the scalp
  • dissolves other substances

Castor Oil

  • natural product of the African "miracle tree"
  • gentle to the skin and emollient
  • non-drying oil

Sesame Oil

  • natural product
  • stimulates blood circulation and has detoxifying properties
  • has a natural sunscreen of approximately 3-4


  • makes the scalp and the hair supple
  • makes hair easy to comb and shiny
  • gives volume and shine

Sunflower Oil

  • natural product
  • used as skin care oil
  • rich in vitamin E (natural sunblocker 3-4)


  • care for hair and scalp
  • free of chemical additives
  • protects against heat and moisture loss


  • serves as a solvent

Wheat germ oil

  • natural product
  • for dry and brittle hair
  • not suitable for oily scalp

Wheat Germ Oil

  • reduces static electricity in the hair
  • supples hair and scalp
  • gives more volume and shine

Zink Oxid 

  • used as white powder
  • antiseptic
  • mineral
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