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Barber Shops / Hairdressers





In Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Stuttgart, Allgäu. Next to Pomades you will get a perfect hair style of the 1930s to 1950s.



Friseursalon Schnipp-Schnapp / Konstanz

Tradition for 50 years


Small meeting room is located in a pedestrian street in the old town of Constance. He is 50 years old and is in its second generation guided navigation use since 2006 and leads. In January, the store was completely renovated and the decoration, pictures and images now remind us of the 50s, even the old telephone with W & auml; hlscheibe could not be missed. Nat navigation use rlich you can buy some pomades in the snip-snap and are also very often used in the salon.
Friseur Schnipp-Schnapp
Neugasse 6

78462 Konstanz
Tel.: 07531-23819
Open:: Di - FR. 8:30 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 18:00, Sa 8:30 - 14:00


Hairdressing salon Dirk Seinitz '"Fuzzy's Barber Shop" / Murr

Elvis Quiff, pomade & Knives haircut at its finest


Dirk Seinitz is now cult and customers drive hundreds of miles separate to Murr. Not only do you get a style cut, Pompadour (Elvis Tolle) or else any section of the 1930-50s when the sympathetic and Swabian-chattering Dirk. You also get the best pomades world here. And in "Dirk's Rock'n Roll Corner" (a must see video on the website. 4 minutes from Dirk and his skill is shown) . Dirk Seinitz itself is great support and knows and uses all (!) Products themselves Dirk Seinitz 'hair salon in Murr is located between Stuttgart and Heilbronn. A trip here is one of benefit: Because Dirk had his trade learned from his father - and that of his grandfather - and perfectly mastered the most popular in the 1950s "diameter haircut".  
Salon Seinitz
Dorfplatz 6, 71711 Murr
Tel.: 07144 220 67 
Website: frisoer-seinitz.de


Merz Hairdressers / Bühlertal

Classic and modern for men and women


 In Merz Hairdressers you get both modern and classic haircuts in the style of the 1950s. 2012 hair salon is 20 years old. And just in time for its anniversary, the salon gets a new flair, which should turn out as more modern classic. Tip: This is where your girlfriend will feel comfortable. Just the very beautiful, professional website is worth a visit. And PomadeShop is proudly presented here as a partner.
Merz Friseure
Hauptstraße 146
77830 Bühlertal
Tel.: 07223-7891
Website: merz-friseure.de


Zur Locke / Kirchzarten

New hair salon in the 1950s/60s style


Opened in summer 2011 hair salon by Marco Trenkle and his team combines excellent 1950s feel and modern professionalism. Ladies and gentlemen receive here skillful cuts and classic styling. For Great for the Lord there is the popular Layrite pomades here. And for the ladies there is a special feature: Makeup style 50/60er.
Zur Locke Haarschneiderei
Marktplatz 2, 79199 Kirchzarten
Telefon: 07661-9090649 
Open: Tue.- Fr 9:00 - 18:30 and Saturday 9:00 - 14:00
Website: www.zur-locke.de


The Old Barbershop / Karlsruhe

Here MEN get classic or modern haircuts


The Old Barber Shop in Karlsruhe is a classic barber for over 25 years. The Barber Shop is a must for fans of nostalgia: Here MAN feels transported back as in the 40s. The Ancient furnishing is original from the movie Valkyrie with Tom Cruise.
The Old Barbershop
Durmersheimer Str. 33, 76185 Karlsruhe
Tel.: 0721 5966410 
Open: Tue -Fr 9,00 -17,30 und Sa 8,30 -13,00. Only with appointment.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheOldBarberShop

The Old Barbershop/Karlsruhe


Friseur Michelangelo / Heidenheim

A modern hairdressing salon, which surprises with pomade


You would not immediately think, but in the modern-looking hair salon in Heidenheim you get a classic knife haircut. Pomade into the hair there also. All other products used contain little or no chemistry. Thus, a visit with the girlfriend is nichs in the way.   

Friseur Michelangelo
Heidenheimerstr.42-44, 89520 Heidenheim-Schaitheim
Telefon: 07321-65390
Website: www.friseur-michelangelo.de
opening times: Tuesday - Friday 8:30 am - 18 clock, Saturday 8-13 clock


Onyx Hairlounge / Welzheim

Modern drawing room with pomade

Although the salon is very modern and minimalist furnishings you can also get here with all modern haircuts hairstyles in classic Rockabilly style and of course a styling pomade. Ideal if you want to take the girlfriend.

Onyx Hairlounge
Finkenstrasse 11, 73642 Welzheim
Tel.: 07182 497344

Opening times: Monday - Tuesday 9-18 clock, Wednesday - Thursday 9-20 clock, Saturday 9 - 16 clock


American Barbershop - Friseur Marc Bamberger / Lauda-Königshofen

Classic U.S. Barber Shop

At the hairdresser Marc Bamberger you feel like reverting to a U.S. Barber Shops in the 1950s. The salon is divided into a men's and women's range. It goes without saying that you get all the classic haircuts of the 50s and a styling pomade here. Also, a subsequent scalp massage with Hair Tonic should not be missed. In the future there will be even the traditional shaving with razor on offer. Men can also just pass gaze without registration in American Barbershop.  

American Barbershop - Marc Bamberger

Buchrainstraße 16, 97922 Lauda-Königshofen

Tel.: 09343-4530

Opening times: Tuesday to Friday 8:30 - 12 clock and 13:30 - 18 clock, Saturday 8-13 clock


Oliver Stumpp Friseursalon / Hohentengen

Salon with history

Already in 1896 the barber Konrad Stumpp was present in Hohentengen and beautified the people. At that time, the pulling teeth and bathing was also a service of the barber. In 1999, Oliver Stumpp took over the hairdressing business Hohentengen and modernized the salon with new ideas and techniques. Today you get both a modern haircut, as well as a classic hairstyle of the 1950s at the hairdresser Stumpp. Ideal for the whole family. 

Oliver Stumpp Friseursalon

Beizkoferstrasse 16, 88367 Hohentengen
Tel.: 075728319

Website:  www.friseur-stumpp.de

Opening times: Tuesday to Friday 8-12 clock and 13-18 clock, Saturday 7:30 - 12:30 clock


Diana's Haarstudio / Scheer

The salon in Scheer

Diana's Hair Studio is a classically decorated living room in Scheer for colorful crowd. They have mastered here with modern haircuts also the styling pomade, and a relaxing scalp massage with hair tonic.   

Diana's Haarstudio

 Fabrikstrasse 6, 72516 Scheer


Tel.: 07572-8948

Opening times: Tuesday to Friday 8-12 clock and 13:30 - 18 clock, Saturday 8-12 clock



Salon Florian / Singen

Classic Barber in Singen

A classically decorated living room for the whole family. A styling pomade missing nor the know-how to 50s hairstyles here. 

Salon Florian
Lessingstraße 5, 78224 Singen
Tel.: 077 319 496 38
opening times: Tuesday - Friday 9-18 clock, Saturday 7:30 - 14 clock and by appointment


Friseur Strubbelkopf / Tauerbischofsheim

Also for the Lady's Pomade

Directly at the market of Tauberbischofsheim the hair salon Strubbelkopf situated in a beautiful old building. Men Women and children are advised to cut and styled here. In addition to modern cuts you of course knows the Great and the Flat Top. The specialty of hairdressing Strubbelkopf: Pomade is used here well and happy. And not only in men but also in women.  

Friseur Strubbelkopf
Marktplatz 4, 97941 Tauberbischofsheim
Tel.: 09341-5520 
Website:  www.strubbelkopf.de 





Bavaria    up



Hairdressers in Munich


Barber House GmbH

Women go to the hairdresser, Men to the Barber


The best barbers of the city provide a refuge in which the modern gentleman can slow down and keep to themselves. The statement "Dedicated to Gentlemen" Barber House is committed with skin and hair. Even haircut can thus become an unprecedented spa experience. The absolute highlight is the wet shaves that reflect diverse cultural influences, depending on preference. An old, almost forgotten tradition is rediscovered and celebrated. Complemented by a sophisticated interior, relaxing music, good drinks and a comprehensive care and Rasiersortiment leaves nothing to be desired. In short, a place where man can be a man easily.
Barber House GmbH
Pacellistr. 5, 80333 München.
Tel.: 089 / 24 24 39 34
Closed on Mondays; Open: Tue. - Fr. 10:00 - 19:00, Sa. 09:00 - 15:00
Website: www.barberhouse.com


Pony & Kleid

Haircuts and fashion of the 1940/50er


The young salon owner Julia specializes in Women's & Men's Hairstyles of the 1940s and 1950s: whether the men's classic "style interface" of the 1940s, the "businessman-section" of the 1950s or the famous Elvis quiff. More and more customers can be completely the same from hippie to James Dean Makeover - perhaps because of the now famous head massage, which it of course with a generous splash of Lucky Tiger Hair Tonic is after the haircut. The ladies are already excited when they leave as Betty Grable and Marilyn the salon. The corresponding fashionway, there is equal to it. Directly at the Leopold street. 
Pony & Kleid
Ainmillerstrasse 5, München-Schwabing.
Tel.: 089 - 78 79 25 70
Website: www.ponyundkleid-munich.de

Cléo Styling Pioneers

Whether classic or modern, the main thing is Pomade

 For twenty years, there is Cleo in Altschwabing, bus-stop Dietlindenstrasse. The timeless furnished living room modern cuts, and classic haircuts. On request, here you get a styling with the Black & White, Layrite or DAX. Tip: Here you can safely go with the girlfriend.
Cléo Styling Pioneers?
Ungererstraße 82
?80805 München
Tel.: 089 - 36 36 63
Web: www.cleo.de


Frisör Preisinger / Oberhaching

Classic men's hairstyles since 1939

Classic Hairdressers in 3rd Generation. In the background a Rock'n'Roll Radio and also time heard the music of The Baseballs . And the decoration also contains elements of 1940/50er years. The house is still from 1937 and was recently expanded. The right one finds the hair salon by Susanne Preisinger. The left is the bicycle business of husband , Jürgen, who has become an avid fan of pomade. The grandfather Preisinger (born in 1937) still knows all the classic hair cuts in and cuts by heart and in the salon also still with. Parking can be found directly in front of the house.From the ford S-Bahn station you can walk in 15 minutes on the barber chair. A man's haircut costs 23 EUR. Hair Tonic & pomade is included into the hair as desired.
Frisör Preisinger
Holzstraße 17 (just off the main road, the "Jacque's Wein Depot"), 82041 Oberhaching bei München
Tel.: 089 - 6132025 oder 089 - 62830108

Opening times: Tuesday to Friday 9-12 and 14-18 clock clock. Saturday 9-12 clock. Closed on Mondays



Claudia's Haardesign / Neubiberg

The focal point for a skillful style interface. Favorite of Bundeswehr soldiers

A "1A Fasson section efiliert, (thinned)," in 15 minutes for just € 20. What more could you want? The small barbershop is not without reason, for decades the premier destination for soldiers of the nearby Bundeswehr University Neubiberg. The hairdresser Claudia revels today from an officer who regularly his soldiers to "hairstyle appeal" has muster.The officer was in fact a regular player at Claudia's Hair Design and helped along the way to more customers. The fact that these soldiers - even after the officer was moved - themselves became regular customers speaks to the quality craftsmanship of traditional haircuts. tip: Be sure to make appointment. Where Claudia also time turning a blind eye and regular customers can not go without a top haircut. tip: Since Claudia "normal" customer cuts, best say that you come from PomadeShop and have a style section like. And please bring your own Pomade.
Claudia's Haardesign
Hauptstrasse 28 (next to the post office), 85579 Neubiberg
Tel.: 089 - 6010953


Friseursalon Charlotte

The oldest hairdressing salon in Munich

This is an absolute treat for fans of nostalgia: here not only makes you feel like in the 1930s, here you will find yourself on historic ground. In the listed Frsieursalon you sit in original Frisiersesseln from the 1930s, advances to the cashier of 1875 over, over a 70-year-old beech parquet and does not believe that such things still exist.Even the font on the display window is 100 years old. Since about 1875 exists, this unique piece of jewelry called "Salon Charlotte" and is already in 4th Generation continued. those who like cheap, next door is a sea of modern barber shops. But who wants to get a real "businessman haircut" of the 1930s or a rockabilly section of the 1950 - and with the same precision, as it was then - get it here personally by the 60-year-old hairdresser. Not only visually, but also informative to dive here in the "good old days" one. For the hairdresser lady knows a lot of tips and stories at any hairstyle.And the one still obtains here including powder on the neck ... effilierten by hand, instead of the fronds, of course. For if one has done it yet in his thirties.
Friseur Charlotte
Theresienstraße 158, München-Maxvorstadt
Tel.: 089 - 52 63 53


Friseur Sie+Er / Germering

Section in a pleasant atmosphere


The Mediterranean-style hairdresser offers a cozy and friendly atmosphere head massages, custom cutting techniques, a type-specific advice and of course first class service. The customer is king here, and is styled on request with pomade.
Friseur Sie+Er - Thomas Mühlbauer
Am Bahnhofplatz 14, 82110 Germering
Tel.: 089 844464
opening times: Tues + Wed 8:30 - 18:30 clock, Thursday and Friday 8 : 30-20 clock

Web: www.friseur-sie-und-er.de


Benny's Haircut / Lauf a.d. Pegnitz

The Rockabilly Specialist: Classic haircut & Pomade by one of the best hairdressers in Germany


Since 1998, Benny hairdresser and a big fan of real, classic hair cuts and hair styling agents in 1920-50s. In spring 2011, he decided to devote himself to a hairdressing salon on its craftsmanship Pompadour (Elvis Tolle), pomade & Co. The fact that he has mastered his subject, he has proved excellent in 2004. Way s his outstanding Master degree, he has become one of the best hairdressers in Germany and has even received the State Prize .
Benny's Haircut
Marktplatz 23
91207 Lauf an der Pegnitz
Tel.: 09123-9995144

Opening times: Tuesday to Friday 9-18 clock, Saturdays 8-13 clock

Web: www.bennyshaircut.de


Friseur Roland Eckstein / Lauf a.d. Pegnitz

Modern hairstyles since 2009

Since 1972 family runs cornerstone in running a women's and men hair salon. As 2009 Roland Eckstein with the second branch focuses on modern trends presented were not missing classics like pomade and hair tonics. That Roland Eckstein matching hairstyles ruled, he has already demonstrated in 1991 with his hairdressing master craftsman.
Friseur Roland Eckstein
Hersbrucker Str. 19, 91207 Lauf
Tel.: 09123-81899

Opening times: Tuesday to Friday 8-18 clock, Saturday 7:30-13 clock

Web: www.rolandeckstein.de




Hairdressing salon in the Allgäu

Here you will get next pomade an all-round service of two young ladies - by Andrea everything for the Lord and by Gabriele everything for the lady:


Hair Factory / Immenstadt

Flattop, cut and style updo


Whether they come with a photo of Cary Grant, Elvis or Louise Brooks, the two young ladies know what hairstyle you want. Because they have not learned the old masters: then unfortunately without pomade. Since the waiting Gabriele gardeners and Andrea Schmidt on the return of this classic hair styling agent. Thanks Pomade Hair Factory is finally back in the Allgäu available and a Lucky Tiger Hair Tonic Mens head massage you get as a newly souped customer even for free.
Hair Factory
Gabriele Gärtner & Andrea Schmidt GbR
Kalvarienbergstr. 9, 87509 Immenstadt
Tel. / Fax.: 08323/96 89 07
opening times: Tuesday to Friday 9 to 18 clock clock, Saturdays 8 to 13 clock


Salon Meister Bader / Burgberg

Pomade, Hair Tonic, After Shaves


Friseurmeister Christian Bader inspires its customers for the great hair styling agents in 1920-50s. His hair salon shines in the center of Castle Hill and smells like Lucky Tiger Hair Tonic, Aspen, Bay Rum, Jeris Osage Rub, Pinaud Clubman, Florida Water and of course all the classic pomades.
Salon Meister Bader
Blaichacherstr. 6, 87545 Burgberg - City
Tel.: 08321/6076447



Friseur Haar-em / Landshut

Pomade in historic surroundings


Whether you want a modern haircut or just want to try pomade. When styling team of hair em They are professionally cared for and even reminded by SMS to your hair appointment.
Friseur Haar-em
Steckengasse 302, 84034 Landshut
Tel.: 0871/9664614

Opening times: Monday to Wednesday 9-18 clock, Thursday to Friday 9-20 clock, Saturdays 8-15 clock

Web: www.haarem.de/landshut



Jimmy Ray's Barbershop / Nürnberg

SSwing Hair Salon since 1919. With whiskey, Ciggare and Hair Tonic

In the background, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davies Jr. plays while for them just an espresso is freshly prepared. Then you can start with a soothing Hair Tonic head massage, a wet shave and - most gentlemen like - a manicure . Of course you get to all the well a classic haircut and pomade. Already in its third generation leads the "master stylist" Thorsten Staudt traditional Famillienbetrieb.Highly recommended is the way the cut-Flat: Men pay here once a month € 32 and can come as often as they want to cut. Rockabillies are welcome!
Jimmy Ray's Barbershop
Kappengasse 6, 90402 Nürnberg
Tel.: 0911/2348650

Opening times: Tuesday to Friday 9-19 clock, Saturdays 8:30 - 14 clock

Web: www.staudt.de


Undercut Barbershop / Nürnberg

Unusual hairstyles and pomade


If you are looking for a unique hairstyle, you are right with Undercut. For here not only a hairdresser, but the whole team is focused on only one thing: "the extraordinary". A look at the gallery makes clear what is meant by this: anything that can be cut, shave and color of hair. Simply everything is striking. In Undercut you can sit back and let off steam the motivated team of your hair. From hair tattoo on Extreme Cut to eyelash tinting. Pomade, shave and head massage's course. Men's cut from 19 €.
Undercut Barberhop
Breite Gasse 55, 90402 Nürnberg
Tel.: 0911-23 55 33 0

Opening times: Tuesday to Friday 10-19 clock, Saturdays 10-16 clock, closed on Monday. On special occasions outside normal opening times

Web: www.undercut-nuernberg.de


Barbers Ink / Bayreuth

Turn into a Rockabilly: with Tattoo, Piercing, Haircut & Pomade


 Barbers Ink's Tattoo, Piercing and hairstyling studio in one. One can, can completely reverse the polarity of the rockabilly if you want. But one also gets just a classic men's haircut for 12 € and a styling with the Sweet Georgia Brown pomade. 's Outfitted the hairdresser in the 50s style and, of course, may also find a more classic shaving missing with the razor ..
Barbers Ink
Sophienstrasse 23-25, 95444 Bayreuth
Tel.: 0921-5075705
Facebook: facebook.com/barbersinkbayreuth
opening times Tattoo & Hair Styling: Tuesday to Friday 9 to 18 clock clock, Saturdays 9 to 14 clock
opening times Piercing: Tuesdays to Friday 9 clock to 16:30 clock, Saturdays 10 to 14 clock



Schnitt Das Haarstudio im Fürstenbau / Coburg

Layrite & Hair Tonic in the former princely waiting room


In the historic train station, where once princes and nobles were waiting for the train is the parlor of Heidi Scheler. The innovative salon is modern, but still you get there a styling with the Layrite or an invigorating splash Hair Tonic cut by the hair.
Schnitt Das Haarstudio im Fürstenbau  
Heidi Scheler
Lossaustrasse 6b, 96450 Coburg
Tel: 09561 99801
opening times: Tuesday to Friday 8 clock to 18 clock, Thursdays from 8 to 20 clock, Saturdays 7:30 to 14 clock or by appointment



Det's Barbershop & Friseursalon / Wartenberg

Beer, cigarettes, and Pompadour


Det's Barber Shop is decorated in a mix of rock 'n' roll and funk 'n' soul. From the speakers sounds that spreads a rocking mood music. The store is divided into two areas. In one half of Det's girls ladies haircuts cut. From modern to classic, you can have everything here. While it happens here more dignified one finds in the other half of the salon the area for the real hard men. Detlef intersects itself here bikers, rockers, but also classic public hair. When the Ladies range then goes home, there's Detlef in Rock 'n' Roll corner beer, cigarettes and crude conversations.
Det´s Barbershop und Friseurladen
Obere Hauptstr. 8, 85456 Wartenberg
Tel.: 08762-3190
opening times: Mondays always closed. Wednesday and Saturday 8-12 clock.Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 8-17 clock. Or by appointment



Haarstudio Schnipp-Schnapp / Weiden

Modern drawing room for everyone


The Hair Studio Snip-snap, you will find a pleasant feel-good atmosphere for the whole family. In addition to creative modern haircuts are understood here but also on classic hairstyles and styling pomade. For all "Ausprobierer" there is a Introductory Certificate.
Haarstudio Schnipp-Schnapp 
Adalbert-Lindner_Straße 12, 92637 Weiden in der Oberpfalz

Tel.: 0961 245 46
opening times: Tues + Wed 8-18 clock, Thu + Fri 8-19 clock, Sat 7:30 - 13 clock

Web:  www.weiden-friseur.de 



Frisör Brodkorb / Waldmünchen

Whether classic or modern, here you like to go


At the salon team of hairdressing Brodkorb, the customer is in the best hands. After his haircut you get also desire a styling pomade and a relaxing scalp massage. The friend comes here with professional makeup at your expense. Mr. Brodkorb, the master himself has also specialized in the cutting of creative hair tattoos.
Frisör Brodkorb 
Allee 15, 93449 Waldmünchen

Tel.: 099 72577
opening times: Tuesday to Friday 8 am -17:30 clock, Saturday 7 - 12:30 clock

Web: www.hairup.de



Salon Chris Mattick / Günzburg

There are pomade workshops


Classic and elegantly furnished hair salon in Günzburg. Here man and woman get everything for the hair - from a simple approach to re-dyeing 1950ies section. The special feature of this Salon: This is not work only with pomade, there are the lords of creation a right pomade workshop, in which the customer the little tips and tricks are explained for styling at home.
Salon Chris Mattick 
Dominikus-Zimmermann-Straße 5, 89312 Günzburg

Tel.: 082-213 688 569
opening times: Monday 13-19 clock, Tuesday to Friday 9-19 clock, Saturdays by appointment

Web: www.chris-mattick.de 



Friseur Kotz / Wolfratshausen

Barber since 1879


Barber Kotz can look back on many years of experience in the hairdressing sector. In the salon you can expect, the 6th Generation in the hairdressing trade. Whether high fashion, 50s cuts, updos, or makeup, this and much more. The team is looking forward to you! Barber Kotz is prime location in Bad Tölz, when comes to classic cuts, as well as fancy, high fashion cuts.
Friseur Kotz
Marienplatz 2
82515 Wolfratshausen

Tel.: 08171-10205
opening times: Monday closed Tuesday to Friday 8-18 clock, Saturdays 8-12 clock

Web: www.friseur-kotz.de





Berlin    up


Kaiserschnitt / Berlin

Haircuts and imperial selection of pomades


The young Miss by cesarean cut Fifties hairstyles so successful that they are more and more booked for events -. whether as an accompanying highlight rock'n'roll concert or as an attraction every Elvis Party Of course you can get at caesarean section right Pomade and Hair Tonic into the hair . Here you can read a review on ciao.de. cesarean . Hier können Sie einen Erfahrungsbericht auf ciao.de lesen. 
Wühlischstrasse 34. Berlin-Friedrichshain
Telefon: 030 - 29 77 90 07
Website: www.friseur-kaiserschnitt.de

CutCats / Berlin

A Salon in Goth'n'Roll atmosphere awaits you in the beautiful district Wilhelmstadt of Berlin-Spandau

From classical through modern to fancy hairstyle fashion is discussed your wishes. Work is done of course with pomade, inter alia, Murray's, Highlife and Fettkopp. Good music, nice customers and good-humored Schnibbelkatzen prepare you an entertaining and enjoyable visit to the hairdresser.

Adamstraße 16
13595 Berlin
Tel.: 030 - 52686842
Open: Di - Fr 10 - 19 ,  Sa 10 - 15
Website: http://cut-cats.de/

Facebook: fb.com/cutcatsberlin

Die Pauls Sisters / Berlin

Hair salon with chandeliers


A classic - loose all-around hairdresser for ladies, men and children. Whether trendy short haircuts, elegant updos, wash, set, blow dry or perming and coloring, strands and makeup in all variants - for every type and every age there's the right look.High-quality and technically newly developed care and styling products complete the treatments! Since opening in July 1990, the salon is a fixture in Berlin and is dedicated with love and expertise of holistic hair and scalp treatment. 
Pauls and Sister GmbH
Chamissoplatz 6, 10965 Berlin
Tel.:  030 693.96.66
Fax: 030 695.33.507
Website: www.die-pauls-sisters.de
opening times: Monday to Friday 9-20 clock (every second week in the month to 22 clock), Saturdays 9-18 clock

Hanleys Hair Company / Berlin

The specialist for hair cut & color techniques


Hanley's Hair Company is an aesthetic, purist, modern equipped hair salon in the Hackescher Markt. Here you can take a seat in very nice barbershop chairs and can be eg Makeover from brunette to blonde. For in Hanley which specializes in coloring techniques. Of course, you also get a classic haircut and a corresponding Styling with Pomade - preferably with the Black Diamond.
Hanleys Hair Company
Rosenthalerstr 40/41, 10178 Berlin
030 2813179
Web: www.hanleysberlin.com

Call a Barber / Berlin

Your private hairstyle coach


The man with the great tattoo and advises and styled to house, in the company, at parties or festivals. Markus Brüchner is a mobile women's and men's hairdresser specializing in vintage and rock haircuts. To discuss he tours for his customers throughout Germany by day and by night. On request there is of course a classic wet shave and a styling pomade.
CALL A BARBER / Agentur für Hairstylistics
Markus Brüchner
Weichselstr. 56, 12045 Berlin
Tel.: 0172-5716109
Facebook: facebook.com/CALL-A-BARBER
opening times: every day 9-00 clock


Rockin' Barber / Berlin

Back to the 50ies


Rockin Barber is a classically decorated living room, which brings customers back in time to the 1950s. Here you can get rock and roll hairstyles from Rockabillyfriseur and of course styling with the Black & White, Sweet Georgia Brown & Co. Also, a scalp massage with Hair Tonic should not be missed, and so the 50ies fan comes fully at his expense.
Rockin' Barber
Inh. Robert Sonnenberg
Kinzerallee 22, 12555 Berlin
Tel.: 030-6560251
Web: www.rockinbarber.de
opening times: Tuesday - Wednesday 9-18 clock, Thursday - Friday 9-20 clock, Saturday 8-16 clock




Bremen    up


Men's Chop Shop / Bremen

Rockabilly Men's Hairdressing


Classic haircuts and rockabilly hairstyles. Pomades and hair tonics's of course. 

Men's Chop Shop
Stockholmerstr. 29, 28719 Bremen
Telefon: 0421-63 62 670

Website: mens-chop-shop.de




Hamburg    up


Kiezschnitte / Hamburg

Haircuts of 1920-50s & pomade. Directly at the Reeperbahn


This small, cozy hair salon receives a with a wonderful atmosphere of the fifties, swing and rock and roll music from the juke box, and a stately Elvisdeko. The young hairdresser to Miss Sandra Brandt know hairstyles of the 1950s and even the 1920s masterfully cut. And the relaxing Lucky Tiger Head Massage may not be missing.
Seilerstr. 46, 20359 Hamburg - St. Pauli
Telefon: 040 - 730 54 900 
Website: www.kiezschnitte.de

Herr Schneider / Hamburg

Hairdressers for men and boys


Haircuts in the pretty retro Barbershop be made ??classically with knife. Classical scalp massage after the cut hair, there are also, optionally with Osage Rub, Jeris or Hair Tonic Lucky Tiger.
Herr Schneider
Tesdorpfstr. 14 am Mittelweg, 20148 Hansestadt Hamburg
Telefon: 040 - 52594080
Email: hanseschneider@googlemail.com



Mistress and Master / Queen of Hair / Hamburg

Special styles from 1880 to the present


An unusual hair salon the hairdresser Machere-Renée Castanier, in which particular styles is very important. The dark entrance would hardly suggest that you next pomade gets classic haircuts of 1920-50s here. The opening times to midnight round off the unique hair experience.
styles are Empire in 1880 ', 20's to 40 / Military / 50s + 60s / Elvis Style / James Dean Look / rockabilly / pin-up / Gothig / Goa / trends / updos / hair extension / hair thickening / Extensions / hair replacement / HairContrast / Great Lengths / Balmain / Classic / Modern / trends / cutting techniques / hair dryer hairstyles / highlighting techniques / children hair cuts / Consulting / lace trim / bangs cut
Mistress and Master / Queen of Hair
Simon-von-Utrechtstrasse 85 , 20359 Hamburg - St.Pauli
Telefon: 040 - 75666454
Email: Queen-of-Hair@web.de
Website: www.Queen-of-Hair.de
Open: Mo-Sa: 14 - 20/22:00.
Queen of Hair Hamburg    


Haarlem Friseure / Hamburg

Modern salon with classic knife haircut


The decorated in orange hair salon located right in the heart of Wandsbeck. From the trendsetter on the punk to rockabilly meets here a colorful audience. No wonder, because here you get also still a classic scalp massage. The Fasson section, the Pompadour or the Pompage be like before even cut with a knife. And after one of the neck was shaved you even get a taste of the Pinaud Musk after shave.
Schlossstraße 44, 22041 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 - 51906895
Email: info@haarlem-friseure.de
Web: www.haarlem-friseure.de
opening times: Monday to Saturday 9-19 clock



Hessen    up


Salon Oliver Wegerich / Darmstadt

Haircut at midnight


On Wednesday you get to his dream hair even until midnight. Then, if one does not have the witching hour, the hairs on the Layrite pomade creates an adequate maintenance .
Salon Oliver Wegerich
Schepp Allee 20, 64295 Darmstadt
Tel.: 06151-313131
opening times: Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays 8:30 to 18 clock, Wednesday 8:30 am to 24 clock, Saturday 7 to 13 clock

Website: wegerich.com



Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania    up


Frisörsalon Onyx / Neubrandenburg

The only pomade-source far and wide

In the eastern part of the city is small stylish hair salon. Here operates a young and professional team, transforming some 0-8-15-hairstyle in a cool trendy look. In addition to countless amenities here are also all sorts of pomades and hair tonics, brought under expert advice, to the man and of course to the woman.    
Kopernikusstraße 3, Neubrandenburg 
Tel.: 039577824479
opening times Mon - Fri: 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Sat: 08: 00-13:00



Lower Saxony    up


Marc Slengard's H2 / Barnstorf 

Quill, wet shave and fresh beer. Rock'n'Roll meets hair

Marc Slengard is e in classic barber shop with numerous 50s and 60s elements. Here you will get classic hairstyles of the 1920-50s, modern haircuts and "tons of great tunnel". When young and erfahrenene master hairdresser, you also get a wet shave, as once before, with proper Rassiermessern and on real 50s chairs. The men's feel-good experience round a jukebox, a kicker and draft beers.   Showing only original pomades and hair tonics of PomadeShop used.

New: wet-shave-workshops with razor

H2 offers unique Rasierworkshops. The men are trained, which knife and which foam is used as, how to peel the knife, pre-and post-treatment, etc. You can bring and resharpen his knife on site (is profiled on site), are knives, there are but also the possibility of a starter kit to purchase. The participants will be under the guidance itself can wet shave and experience this wonderful feeling, as in the days when this was quite natural for a man to deal with a real razor. Dates and prices on request.

Marc Slengard´s H2 - Der Herrenfriseur
Friedrich-Plate-Straße 3
49406 Barnstorf /Kreis Diepholz
Telefon: 05442-3052 oder 05442-1419



Salon Artifex / Osnabrück

Perfection with style and pomade

A small, cozy salon on the outskirts of the city center of Osnabrück with style, charm and competence. In a mix of modernity and elements of the 60's you can put yourself at ease and get the hairstyle that suits YOU and you can bring under control even at home!

Salon Artifex

Koksche Str. 15

49080 Osnabrück

Telefon: 0541 – 9156899


Here is appointment booking online available!


Kopfgärtner Friseure / Carolinensiel 

Modern and classic hairstyles next to the North Sea

The team around the young owner Suntke Gerdes creates cutting-edge haircuts and of course also dominates the classic style interface. The Frsiseursalon is modern, elegantly furnished. Pomade and Hair Tonic but you get here.
Kopfgärtner Friseure
Wittmunderstr. 5, 26409 Carloninensiel
Tel.: 04464-942889
opening times Monday to Friday 10-18:30 clock, Saturday 9-14 clock.
Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment

Website: www.kopfgaertner-friseure.de


Torsten Ristein Frisuren / Seelze

Elected to the cult Hairdressers in Lower Saxony

Tattooed arms, Vintage Shirt, a friendly attitude and a perfect hairdressing as in the 1950s. Torsten Ristein has made ??a virtue out of necessity and sometime time tunnel started to cut. He did so well that a pilgrimage to him Rockabillies and Pomadefans from all over the area. A beautiful documentary about the cult of SAT1 hairdresser there is here ..

Torsten Ristein Frisuren
Am Kreuzweg 6, 30926 Seelze
Telefon: 05137-9099982

E-Mail: info@ristein-frisuren.de

Website: www.ristein-frisuren.de


Friseur Gander's Capelli! / Helmstedt

Pomade to hair cut

During the "Cold War" is the name Helmstedt had become synonymous with the division of Germany. Before his goals was the largest European East-West border crossing. But the old town is a historical feast for the eyes. Since a trip to Helmstedt worth many times over.  

Friseur Gander's Capelli
Papenberg 27, 38350 Helmstedt
Telefon: 05351-2125


Hairdesigner Friseurmeister Hassan / Braunschweig

Directly at the Rudolfplatz

Very modern hair salon to where you can take the whole family. Right at the famous Rudolf place in Braunschweig here you get a hair extension, nail design, but also classic haircuts of the 1950s, as well as a classic shave with a razor.  

Hairdesigner Friseurmeister Hassan
Rudolfsplatz 9, 83118 Braunschweig
Telefon: 0531 2329649

Opening times: Monday 13-19 clock, Tuesday - Friday 9-19 clock, Saturday 10-16 clock

Website: www.die-hairdesigner.de




North Rhine-Westphalia    up


Das Frisierzimmer / Bielefeld

Water Wave Pomade & Quill for lovers of the 1920-60s


Design of the past century combined with quality of Today: What made your grandmother times already for ecstasy, now returns to you. Come in and join us on a journey back in time when the music was accompanied by the cracking of the gramophone, were courted than women gallantly and the visit to the hairdresser was something very special. About the ordinary services also come with us lovers of the 20s to the 60s, at their expense. Elaborately coiffed hairstyles, water waves and pomadierte studs for the Lord are part of everyday crafts Are you in this unique atmosphere for favorite restaurant in the grooming room and enjoy our undivided attention .. Sincerely, Miss Sulzbacher

Das Frisierzimmer
Pestalozzistr. 1, 33615 Bielefeld
Tel.: 0521-78714242
Open: Tue - Fr 9 - 18, Sat 9 - 14

e-post: fraeulein@das-frisierzimmer.de

Web: www.das-frisierzimmer.de



Barber-Shop Prokscha / Siegen

A Barber in the U.S. of the 1950s  


Must see the site, it is clear: since musss towards you . For the exterior photos of the Barber Shop Prokscha speak for themselves. The Barber Shop Prokscha is a U.S. Barber shop as a copybook, with Barber Poles, loving decoration of shop windows and the salon. In addition to classic hairstyles of the 1950s, you can sit back at Prokscha and pamper yourself with a wet shave like the old days. The prices are also from that time: haircuts from 16 €, 10 € shave. Since 1950, this hair salon already exists and since the construction of the Wall in 1961 it is located in Siegen. The master hairdresser Gabriel Prokscha is the way drummer for the rockabilly blues-country band "The Honky Tonk Pounders".

Barber-Shop Prokscha
Bahnhof Weidenau 7
57076 Siegen
Telefon: 0271-41343

Website: www.friseur-prokscha.de
Myspace: www.myspace.com/barbershopprokscha


Schnipp Schnapp Barbershop / Herten Westerholt

Quill, pomade & Harley Davidson


The Barber Shop (U.S. hairdresser) by Robert Schott could be anywhere in America.Lovingly furnished it looks at first glance like a nostalgia shop, and also you will find all kinds to buy. But actually you and women is due to the great hairstyles that conjures the U.S. a fan. Of course, the grand finale is Hair Tonic and pomade. And in the summer there is a discount if you pull up with his Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
Schnipp Schnapp Barbershop
Bahnhofstr. 138, 45701 Herten Westerholt
Telefon: 0209-357912

E-Mail: harley.schott@googlemail.com

Opening times: Mondays 9-18 clock, Tuesday to Friday 9-18:30 clock, Saturdays 8-14 clock

Website: www.schnippschnapp.net




Salon Haartolle / Gütersloh

Sugar Sweet hairdresser as in the 1950s  


 Outfitted in candy colors PinUp images and swing music with the sounds in the background, you will feel transported back to the 1950s. Of course, here you get all the haircuts of the 1920-50s. From the Elvis quiff to updo wedding hairstyle makes the repertoire nothing to be desired. After cutting it is desired, the very classic head massage with a nostalgic Hair Tonic. "A hairdresser without disappointment" is the way the philosophy of existing since 2007, nationally known barber shop.

Salon Haartolle
Sarah Bokermann
Nordring 15, 33330 Gütersloh
Tel.: 05241 – 338 78 37
Web: www.haartolle.com
opening times: Mondays 12-17 clock, Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 - 19 clock, Fridays 10 - 20 clock, Saturdays 10 - 18 clock


Männerkult / Stolberg - Mausbach

Here a man is spoiled classic


Despite the relatively modern and simple furnishings surprised Andrea Wollgarten from the hair salon men with a cult classic wet shave, a scalp massage with hair tonic and of course a haircut in 1920-50s. Styling with Pomade course there are.

Fleuth 30, 52224 Stolberg- Mausbach                                          
Tel.: 02402 - 865967
Web: www.maennerkult.de
opening times: Monday to Friday 9-18 clock, Wednesdays 14-18 clock

Coiffeur da Roberto / Bonn-Beuel

Classic & Modern


Little ladies and gents salon pleased with a great transferor owners. Since 2004, Roberto Nicolaci both fashionable and classic haircuts. The interior is still as before, kept very classic style and also worked is still old school. While you are leaning back in his chair you get to request a classic wet shave or an invigorating scalp massage with hair tonic.

Roberto Nicolaci
Coiffeur da Roberto
Konrad Adenauer Platz 16, 53225 Bonn-Beuel
Web: www.barbiere-da-roberto.de
opening times: Tuesday to Friday 9-18 clock, Saturdays 9-15 clock

Event-Friseure KG / Wuppertal

Classic & Modern


Event Hairdressers is a timeless equipped hairdressing salon with relaxing atmosphere. Although the salon does not look so, here you get a great haircut of the 20s - 50s and a styling with the Black & White pomade. What does the hair want more?

Event-Friseure KG
Luisenstrasse 72, 42103 Wuppertal
Tel.: 0202-309081
opening times: Tuesday to Friday 9-18 clock, Wednesdays 10 to 18 clock, Saturdays 8-14 clock


Matthes Friseure / Aachen

Marriage of style and service


In Matthes Hairdressers in Aachen can look back on many years of experience in the hairdressing industry. Here you will find a wide range of both classical and current top haircuts. The customer is always at the center and expert advice. Ideal for the girl-friend to take to the cutting.

Matthes Friseure
Pontstrasse 44, 52062 Aachen
Tel.: 0241-20646
opening times: Monday to Thursday 9-18 clock, Friday 8:30 am to 18 clock, Saturdays 8:30 - 14 clock

Web: www.matthes-friseure.de



Barber-Shop Gerresheim / Düsseldorf

If it should go well and quickly


Cozy and friendly furnished Barbershop in Gerresheim. Here you can get without long waits and sometimes spontaneously a classic haircut and like a styling pomades from Murray's and DAX.

Barber-Shop Gerresheim
Heyestraße 114, 40625 Düsseldorf
Tel.: 0211-299464
opening times: Tuesday to Friday 9-18 clock, Saturdays 8-13 clock

Web: www.barber-shop-gerresheim.de




Rhineland-Palatinate    up


Debbie's 59 / Mainz

THE Rock'n'Roll Hairdressers in Mainz


Debbie's 59 is the first and only real 50s rock and roll Hairdressers in Ma inz and now real cult. A visit to Debbie's 59 is like a time travel to the 1950s: with cocktail chairs, kidney-shaped table and the old barber chairs. The lovely Debbie doctored a person - also true to style like in the good old fifties dressed. A man's haircut cost at just 20 EUR. Pomades and hair tonics's course. 
Debbie's 59
Frauenlobstr. 59-61, 55118 Mainz.
Tel.: 06131-5864421
opening times Monday to Friday from 11 clock. Wednesday afternoon is closed.

Website: www.myspace.com/debbies59



Salon In-Cut / Mainz

Top 100 hairdresser for modern and classic haircuts


With 14 employees in one salon-cut from top stylists creativen Gerino Barba to one of the most prestigious addresses in Germany. A visit is recommended if you want to surprise the girlfriend. For In-cut was selected by Instyle magazine in 2006 among the 100 best hairdressers in Germany. And while the lady gets a fashionable or extravagant haircut, you get here unerringly well a classic haircut and the U.S. Layrite Gelpomade into the hair.
Salon In-Cut
Flachsmarkt Strasse 16, 55116 Mainz.
Tel.: 06131-226309
opening times Tuesday to Friday 8 -18 Clock, Saturdays 7:30 - 14 clock. Closed on Mondays.
appointment desired.

Website: www.gerino-barba.de



HaarSzenario/ Mainz

Fashion hairdresser with colorbar and Gelpomade


Franco Barba is not only the brother of Gerino Barba, but also a hairdresser, called also "Creativ Topstylist" and runs not far from his brother since the summer of 2009 a hairdressing salon . This is furnished in Italian industrial design and a clear focus on modern cuts "upbeat". But here you have mastered a classic hairstyle and do it with pomade and Gelpomade how the Layrite to get in shape. On its own colorbar cases you can leave the hair of his girlfriend in platinum blonde or vamprot.
Hintere Flachsmarkt Strasse 2, 55116 Mainz.
Telefon: 06131-2103223
opening times Tuesday to Friday 8-18 clock, Saturdays 7:30 - 14 clock. Closed on Mondays.
appointment desired.

Website: www.franco-barba.de



Josh T Barbershop / Trier

Hairdresser where Men feel comfortable


In Barbershop Josh T Men Barber near the livestock market in Trier is offered for the man since 2011 Wellness. The classic American tradition and European Hairdresser Barber artisan tradition are vereient here. And so it is with Josh T. typical diameter haircuts, haircuts machines, Fasson haircuts, all trend haircuts, as well as neck, wet and beard shaves. Also, there is the ending, of course, a relaxing head massage.
Josh T Barbershop

Brückenstr. 6, 54290 Trier
Tel.: 0651 20199966
opening times: Monday to Friday 10-20 clock, Saturday 10 - 18 clock. 
Website:  www.josht.de 


Friseur Kaster / Blankenrath

Fashion hairdresser with Layrite


The barber Kaster in Blankenrath is unassuming from the outside, from the inside, however, bright, modern and inviting. From the Elvis quiff to the updo you get here every wish. Is styled with the Layrite.  
Friseur Kaster

Zum Rehberg 7, 56865 Blankenrath
Telefon: 0654 5220
opening times: Tuesday to Friday 7:30 - 17 clock, Saturday 7:30 - 13 clock and by appointment
Website:  www.friseur-kaster.de




Saxony    up




Rockhairbella / Leipzig

1950s hair salon in Leipzig


Skirt Bella Hair is a eröffneter in spring 2012 hair salon in the south of Leipzig. In the sugar-sweet atmosphere of a milk bar the lively 50s every visit a memorable experience. The typical details, like pastels in contrast to the bright red chairs, a checkerboard floor and much more., Have been lovingly converted. Hairstyles and Hair Styles in vintage style meet modernity. Passion, creativity and empathy we write large. Feel good with us and enjoy in good humored Rock `n Roll the relaxed atmosphere, away from the narrow-minded hair salon. Of course there are with us pomade of PomadeShop . Comes pass by and convinced yourself you We look forward to your visit. Even the beautiful site is well worth a visit! 

Rockhairbella...dein Friseur und mehr
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 108
04275 Leipzig
Tel.: 0341/46336132
Web: www.rockhairbella.de
opening times: Monday to Friday 11 - 20 clock, Saturdays 11-16 clock. With pleasure we also appointments outside of regular opening times.


Madame Käthe / Leipzig

The Vintage Hairdressers in West Leipzig

The hairdresser Madame Käthe on the lively Karl-Heine-Straße exudes vintage flair and Pomadeduft for men, women and children. The shop is lovingly decorated in the interior of the 40s and the customer expects a cozy family atmosphere. After a good old barber tradition is carried out in this lovely living room salon with comb and scissors, the team takes time for the hair needs of customers, offering professional advice on festive make-up, vintage styling and haircuts from the 20s to 50s. In addition to an exclusive selection of individual pieces of Leipzig fashion creators Madame Käthe also offers a wide range of pomades and hair tonics.

Madame Käthe
Karl-Heine Straße 68
04229 Leipzig
Tel.: 0341-60430916
opening times: Mon: 9-18 clock, Tue - Thu: 9-20 clock, Fri: 10-21 clock, Saturday by appointment

Facebook: www.facebook.com/madamekaethe

On Hair Frisuren / Chemnitz

The '50s Hair salon for men, young ladies and children


In On Hair feels like in the 1950s and 1960s: from the decoration, on the barbers' chairs to the low prices of that time - from 15 EUR for a man's haircut. You can tell the young owner of Heidi White's enthusiasm for the 1920-50s to pyramidal. Even the smallest are served here lovingly. Course Pomade and Hair Tonics not be missing here.
On Hair
Inh.: Heidi Kütter
Untere Aktienstr. 7, 09111 Chemnitz
Tel.: 0371-4445230
opening times: Tue - Fri 10-18 Clock (and by appointment), Sat 9-13 clock
Website: www.rockyourhair.de

Hairpoint Katja Immerthal / Waldheim

Haircut & Pomade


Classic haircuts (Fasson average, Elvis Tolle) from 13,90 EUR, Pomadeverkauf and a cozy atmosphere.
Hairpoint Katja Immerthal
Schloßstrasse 14
04736 Waldheim

Tel.: 034327-66083
opening times: Mon 8-18 clock, clock Tue 8-20, Wed 8-19 clock, clock Thu 9-20, Fri 8-18 clock, Sat 8-14 clock

Corleone Barber Shop / Dresden

Traditional Barber shop for classic haircuts and shaving

Corleone Barber Shop is a classic living room, furnished in dark brown and refreshing greenery . Here, however, you not only get a great haircut of 1950, followed by head massage, but also a good bottle of wine and soon hand-rolled Cuban cigars in Corleone shop. In short, the salon offers everything for man can relax.

Corleone Barber Shop
Inh.: Jörg Lenk
Prießnitzerstraße 16, 01099 Dresden

Tel.: 0351-810788
opening times: Mon 12-20 clock, Tue - Fri 12-22 Clock
Website:   www.corleone-barber-shop.de


Beauty-Design Klasse Klesse / Dresden

Mobile Hairdresser in Dresden

Magdalena Klesses philosophy is to bring beauty, style and well-being into harmony. Haircuts are available from modern to retro. But in this mobile hairdresser it's not just about Cut & Go, woman Klesse shows tips and tricks for using pomade and other care products. Even after the appointment is always an advisory capacity. For all dates, there is also a scalp care and massage included. Ideal to pamper yourself at home and be pampered.  
Beauty-Design Klasse Klesse
Owner: Magdalena Klesse
Eibenstocker Straße 71, 01277 Dresden
Tel.: 0173/351 69 46
opening times: according to appointment
Website: www.klasse-klesse.de

Friseurstudio Jana Rabe / Bischofswerda

Salon for the whole family 


In Friseurstudio Jana Rabe you get both modern and classic haircuts. Außerem you have here a salon at last, the classic rockabilly riff cuts, styled with pomade and also a traditional scalp massage with Hair Tonic is not foreign.
Friseurstudio Jana Rabe
Inh.: Jana Rabe
Lessingstraße 6, 01877 Bischofswerda
Tel.: 03594-704467
opening times: Monday to Friday 9-20 clock, Saturday 9-14 clock
Website:  www.janarabe.de




Saxony-Anhalt    up




Schleswig-Holstein    up


Klinck der Friseur / Kiel

Barbershop in the Citti-Park


Since 1928, the family business "Klinck the barber" from generation to generation was continued. Today you get here modern haircuts, hairstyles and of course a classic styling pomade. Ideal to take the girlfriend.  

Mühlendamm 1, 24113 Kiel

Tel. 0431-3643118
opening times: Monday to Wednesday 09.00 - 20.00 clock, Thursday 09.00 - 22.00 clock, Friday to Saturday 09.00 - 20.00 clock
Website: www.klinck.de





Thuringia    up



Hairdressing salons in Thuringia

Here you will get next Pomade also a masterful hair cut in the style of the 1930s and 1950s:


Kai's Barbershop

Salon in the 4th generation now


Kai von Kai's Barbershop says about his barbershop: "Our salon has been around f 1918.ich navigation use hre the salon now in its fourth generation. I have szlig with my barbershop, exclusively and, lich lords specializes in classic and modern cuts, I offer. Among other things, you can shave off. And nat navigation use rlich can also purchase pomade with me!"

Kai's Barbershop
Straße des Friedens 28, 07548 Gera
Tel 0365/810013
Opening times: Tue - Fr: 8-18:00, Sat 8 - 12

Kai's Barbershop GeraKai's Barbershop Gera 



Friseur- & Kosmetikstudio Relax / Erfurt

Pomade pioneer in Erfurt


For 20 years relaxing stands for relaxation and wellness. Man and woman from head to toe are spoiled Literally here. Three hairdressers and a podiatrist make hair and skin fit again. Since 2010 Relax is also the focal point for pomade, hair tonic and hair styles of the 1920s 50s. The pomade wave had thereby not only captures the hairdressing studio, but also the hairdressers themselves: one had an extra can cut a flat and is an avid Pomade-users. For relaxation you will not only find a nice selection of pomades and hair tonics, but of course also hairstyles of the 1920s 50s.
Friseur- & Kosmetik Relax
Dornheimstr. 81, 99099 Erfurt
Tel.: 0361 - 6028690
opening times: Monday to Friday 8-18 clock, Saturday 8-12 clock


Rock King Style / Erfurt

Barber Shop in 50s style

In rock King Style in Erfurt one feels transported back as in the 50s. It is located in an authentic and classic-style barbershop has a lot to offer. For the Rockabilly or the Rockabella a true paradise. Sub-studs, flat tops and a styling pomade (Black & White, Murray's, Sweet Georgia Brown), which is here dominated in sleep there are also clothes and makeup in the style of the 50s. Fancy Shoes and Petticoats waiting to be taken out. Whoever enters here if you wish, from top to bottom in the 50s look out again. The rock king style can also be rented for private parties.

Rock King Style
Juri-Gagarin-Ring 162, 99084 Erfurt
Tel.: +49 361 7442787
opening times: Monday to Friday 11-20 clock, Saturday 14-20 clock

Web: www.rock-king-style.de


Salon Fröhner / Schmölln

For the whole family


At Salon Fröhner you can go with the whole family. Here his wife and child get a modern cut , while man is a classic hairstyle with pomade can be styled.

Salon Fröhner
Mühlgasse 1, 04626 Schmölln
Tel.: 034491 - 82978
opening times: Monday to Friday 8-18:30 clock, Thursday 8-20 clock, Saturday 8-12 clock

Web: www.salon-fröhner.de





Austria    up


“Barbertum” in Austria


THE BARBER in Ramsau in the Zillertal not only is a traditional barber shop is special leaves the "Barbertum" in Austria revive again. Quality since 1961 with the opening of the first salons of Mr. Barber Shop is now reinterpreted again under Sebastian Pfister. By studying in Texas and numerous stays at friends Barbern in the US and there acquired knowledge Sebastian Pfister and his team for best services. Whiskey, beer, an old leather sofa and a Playstation provide the right ambience for the man. From classic to modern haircuts, shaves and Clean Cut Beard trim is for the man of today, and more. At THE BARBER "everybody is welcome as long as you'r a man", the motto is valid!

Ramsau 160, A-6284 Ramsau im Zillertal
Tel.: +43528220909
Instagram: @themanatthebarber

Web:  http://thebarber.at

Mail: theman@thebarber.at


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