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Produkte von Vaseline



1870 succeeded a young New Yorker named Robert A. pharmacist Chesebrough Vaseline from a byproduct of oil production to manufacture. The popularity of these nourishing ointment grew so rapidly that in the US almost every household had a can of Vaseline within ten years. Every minute was sold a can. During World War I the American soldiers and officers had a tube of Vaseline thereby to relieve burns and abrasions and to prevent sunburn. During World War II was even Vaseline into a patriotic symbol in the United States. In the 1940s, Vaseline Hair Tonic was a popular brilliantine that was promoted by former personalities. 1955 merged the company to Chesebrough-Ponds and 1987 she was bought by Unilever.



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Vaseline Hair Tonic
Vaseline Hair Tonic, 100 ml
Das meistgekaufte Hair-Tonic der 1940er.Heute schwer zu finden.(Ohne Alkohol und Farbstoffe)Inhalt: 100 ml
Inhalt 100 Milliliter
8,95 € *