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Shops for Pomade:



Pomade in the center of Munich

The traditional fashion department store in Sendlingerstrasse, KONEN, most recently, also offers pomade, hair tonic and aftershaves. And in the department "Young Fashion" in the third Floor. The best, however, the sellers are all very excited about these great products and present them very lovingly at the box office and in an old apothecary cabinet.


Sendlingerstrasse 3, 80331 Munich 
Phone: 089-2444220 
opening times: Monday to Saturday 10 to 20 clock 


The Buyable / Leipzig

For all of yesterday

Quietly set to hidden, the Buyable in Leipzig is now just a small place of pilgrimage for Rockabillies, Hepcats and all who are enthusiastic about the 30s to the 50s, has become. The chic shop in the southern suburb offers a large selection of fashion and accessories from the 30s to the 50s, such as the English label Freddies of Pinewood, Collectif, Warrior Clothing or from Leipzig Label Gracy Q. is framed, the range through a wide range of pomades and hair tonics. And as the name suggests, drinks are also available.


Buyable the 
Bernhard-Göring-Str. 95 
04275 Leipzig 
Phone: 0341 9 02 97 16 
opening times: Wednesday and Friday: 17:00 - 20:00 clock, Saturdays 10:00 - 17:00 clock and by appointment 


Madeira Drive Dusseldorf

Pomade & everything for the biker in Dusseldorf

First official outlet in Germany Madeira Drive offer the products of the legendary Ace Cafe London, besides from Chopper Town USA, Roof Helmets or Surplus Vintage. In the small but mighty 'back yard' Load in the warm months of coffee, white tea or chilled drinks and snacks for 'petrol talk'.


Madeira Drive 
hut Straße 44, 40215 Dusseldorf 
Tel: 0211-15 79 77 82 
opening times: Tue - Fri 10:00 - 20:00 clock, Sat 10:00 - 17:00 clock 


Gasoline Alley

Pomade & everything for the biker in Munich

Here you feel as displaced in the 1930s. The faithful device which numerous Ledejacken on the wall, the stacked bikes, boots and helmets - you just do not know where to look first. So excited the owner had accumulated Burkhard Pflug biker souvenirs from all over the world and loving, almost presented like in a racing museum. Pomade's course. Beonders the DAX and Sweet Georgia Brown pomades are in demand.


Gasoline Alley 
Corneliusstr. 5, 80469 Munich 
Phone: 089-2603100 
opening times: Monday closed. Tue - Fri 11:00 - 19:00 clock, Sat 10:00 - 15:00 clock 

Can be painted leather jacket - best with a pin-up

Hand paintings by aviator leather jackets and canvas art in the 40s-50s pin-up style. In keeping with the pomade.


T-shirts, gifts and other little things for dancers and non-dancers

A small web shop of enthusiastic Swing Dance & Pomade fans Jörg and Christine.

Charlott studio

Petticoats and women's dresses made to measure

Already for 120 EUR you get a custom-fit dress here. Select you can still over a hundred models - where it really difficult because all look great. Our favorites: Article No. 60, 18, ​​9 and 36 Similar to the Bavarian Dirndl, simply sees any lady irresistable.


Suicide Glam

Pin-up swimsuits 1950

Even the Browse the funny retro accessories makes too much fun. Whether coffee cup, folding comb, dog fashion or their own "Suicide Glam" clothing line.The chic retro shop Suicide Glam has a huge selection of fashion and accessories from the 40s and 50s, as the label Stop Staring or Lucky 13th And that definitely includes pomade. Yet the highlight is the giant Women's swimsuits in the pinup style of the 1950s. If you come to Würzburg sure to stop by the store and also the same increase pomades Stock.

Suicide Glam 
Dominikanergasse 8, 97070 Würzburg 
Phone: 0931-4655336 
opening times: Tue - Fri 12:00 - 19:00 clock, Sat 12:00 - 16:00 clock. Closed on Mondays. 

Naughty / Weimar

Piercing, clothes & trinkets

Kerstin and Chris, who founded the store are together with heart and soul into it. They advise the customer professionally and with your know-how you feel in good hands. Only a minute from the historic market square in Weimar is a slightly different store. The Piercing Shop "Naughty" delivers what the name promises. In the rock decorated shop you will find probably the largest body piercing jewelry selection of Thuringia, great clothes from home and abroad and the matching knick-knacks, wacky characters and other knick knacks for car, home and yard, belt buckles and jewelry, cool for the naughty young and of course . pomade and much rock'n'roll
Naughty GbR 
Kerstin Wolfert 
Schloss Gasse 5 
99423 Weimar 
Tel: 03643/4578821 
opening times: Monday to Friday 12-19 clock, Saturdays 12-16 clock


Sugar Baby / Leipzig

A shop in Leipzig, for all love the rock and roll and live.

In Sugar Baby in Leipzig your clothing and accessories to swing and Rockabillystyle for ladies AND gentlemen is: T-shirts, shirts, jeans, skirts over blouses and dresses to matching accessories like bags, belts, belt buckles and hair ornaments. As well as accessories for the outgoing finished style as pomade, hair tonic, hair dressing (eg, Lucky Tiger, Jeris, Pinaud Clubman, Black and White Pomade, Murray's, DAX red and green, uppercut, Royal Crown Pomade and Hair Dressing, Sweet Georgia).


Hellware / mother (Rhineland-Palatinate)

Rockabilly Underground Fashion

The store Hellware there since May 2011. It will be sold in direction Rockabilly Underground Fashion exclusively clothes, accessories and shoes. Here you will find the brand Deadly Dames, Flaming Star and fluff and just recently there in Hell goods and pomade .
Owner: Andrea Bender 
Rheingönheimer Str 18, 67112 Mother City 
Phone: 06234/92 7300 



Elvis Collector Service

The oldest online Fachversand Europe for around Elvis. A must for all Elvis fans since 1979.




Pike Brothers

Cool Retro-working and army clothing of the 1930s, 50s

No second hand, but new high-quality textiles to original sections of the thirties to the fifties. In Pike Brothers can be dressed with quality T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, jeans, jackets and caps. Our favorite: denim overalls from 1935 and U.S. Army mechanic cap. A must for every Hot Rider.  


Ani ROCK't

Fabulous 50's style

The online shop Ani rocks originated from the passion to the fabulous 1950s and the pinup style. Past lovers & Rockabella's find here everything from A to Z what woman to life styles of your needs . 
Ani rocks 
Owner: Melanie Tiedemann 
Phone: 039 124200276 


Download 12

A textile shop of a special kind


In shop 12 there is next to high-quality women and men's fashion, shoes, bags and accessories also pomade. The owner Michael order is constantly striving to offer something very special. And so here already from lands at Laden 12 times and unusual or rare. This loading can push in any case in any category, you simply must have seen him.
Laden 12 
Front Ledergasse 12 
90403 Nuremberg 
Tel: (0911) 3 68 31 80 
opening times: Monday to Saturday 10 - 19 clock


Mistress and Master GmbH / Vintage Boutique

Burlesque, Pin-up, Rockn`Roll in neuw colours


Renewed clothes of the 20s to 50s. Designers: Vecona Vintage, TO.mTO Berlin, Gracy Q Leipzig, Marianna Déri, Woody Ellen, Inner Sanctum Latex, and more. Also: Pomades, fashion,  accessoires.
Mistress and Master GmbH / Vintage Boutique

Hein-Hoyerstrasse 15/17 , 20359 Hamburg / St.Pauli
20359 Hamburg
Tel.: (040)
Owner: Ms. Machère-Renée Castanier Schimanski


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