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What is pomade?

What is the difference between gel, hair wax and hairspray?

What are the pros & cons of pomade?

Which hairstyles are pomades intended for?

What Ointment should I take?

How do I use pomade?

How do I combine pomade and hair tonic?

How do I wash out pomade?

What is the shelf life of a pomade?



What is pomade?     up



Pomade is the "gel" of our parents' and grandparents' generation. It brings hair into shape and gives it a nice shine. The main ingredient is petrolatum. They often include vegetable oils such as coconut oil or aloe oil. Beeswax or microcrystalline wax increases the consistency and therefore the stiffness of the pomade styled hair. That is why it is referred to as pomade hair wax.

The advantage over hair gel is that pomade does not dry out. Therefore, it needs several washes to completely remove from the hair. Specialty shampoos, such as that of DAX facilitate this.

From the 1920s to the 1950s pomade was the No. 1 hair styling agent Now pomade is experiencing a real revival: Famous Hollywood greats, such as actors, athletes and pop stars swear by this ingenious hair styling and hair care products. More at: 

Pomade is not only perfect for styling and adding shine to the hair. Besides, it gives the hair the necessary care for split ends and dryness caused by too much washing, blow drying, sun and coloration.




What is the difference between gel, hair wax and hairspray?    up


In contrast to gel and hair spray pomade does not dry out the hair and scalp. It does not glue the hair. because classical pomade contains no alcohol or chemicals, such as dyes, or preservatives. Instead, pomade cares and moisturises the hair with Vaseline and vegetable oils such as coconut or aloe. The hairstyle looks fresh and well maintained with pomade, and remains comb-able all day! That would be unthinkable with gel or hairspray.


I'm a gel user. Why try pomade?


Gel is a handy hair styling agent: it can be brought quickly into the hair in the morning and washed out again quicklyin the eveningPerhaps you have noticed that your hair not only after a couple of hours dry be, but it will also fall dandruff from the hair. In the evening, then wash the gel out - of course with an anti-dandruff shampoo - and wonder that your scalp is sensitive. The try with a hair tonic to soothe - which is only of limited - and the next morning captures the whole from the beginning.

Try but once pomade. You will be amazed! Because with pomade you get the same effect as in gel - sostop and wet-look effect - but your hair will not be attacked by the chemicals , but stattdem even cared. The hair is not dry and stays all day supple shape.


Is pomade and hair wax not the same?

Fast. Pomade as is known hair care products containing vaseline as the main component. The Sweet Georgia Brown Pomade is for example only of Vaseline and perfume. Hair wax on the other hand is based on waxes, such as microcrystalline wax or beeswax.

  • Pomade is usually yellowish, soft to firm and leaves hair soft.
  • Hair wax is white, rather dry, firm, and in the application usually tough. The famous white lumps in her hair wax do the rest to spoil her to use.

Of course, this takes practice but loose every manufacturer. Thus, the DAX pomades call basically "DAX Wax". What but surely this is because "DAX Wax" easier on the tongue goes as "DAX Pomade".

Other terms for pomade in the U.S. are also "Hairdressing", in the UK, France and South America again "pomade".




What are the pros & cons of pomade?     up


The hair is heavily used every day: shampoo, water, blow-dry, gel and hairspray set the hair. Often, this procedure leads to years of scalp itching, dandruff, split ends and brittle hair.

Pomade is different:  Pomade gives hair shape , such as gel and a beautiful shine , such as hair spray.But: In contrast to gel and hair spray pomade does not dry out the hair. Pomade is experiencing a comeback and is a real find what hairstyling concerns. 

classic pomade is produced mostly from caring petroleum jelly and beeswax. Refined it is made ​​with natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, olive oil and lanolin (wool wax). So supplies Pomade not only the hair but also the scalp with soothing moisture and care.

Benefits of pomade:

  • Pomade gives the hair moisture, shine and hold .
  • The hairstyle remains the whole day flexible : In contrast to gel your hair & Co remains at any time to comb, does not stick and does not dry out.
  • Pomade helps thick or unruly hair into the desired shape to bring. With the rapidly desiccating gel or hair spray this ingenious effect is absolutely not comparable.
  • Pomade nourishes the sensitive scalp, because Vaseline - a tried and tested skin care products - is the main component of of classic pomade.
  • Pomade helps, caused by dry scalp, dandruff. Dry and brittle hair or scalp itching belong with pomade of the past. Unless you suffer from oily hair, or so-called pomade acne.
  • Pomade protecting the hair from moisture loss, environmental conditions and sunlight.The vaseline contained includes the moisture in the hair. This becomes most best when applying the pomade into slightly damp hair. Looks even after hours and feels the hair, such as freshly showered.
  • Vegetable oils, such as coconut oil or olive oil , which are included in many ointments penetrate into the hair and give extra care from the inside. The hair stays soft and looks healthy.
  • With pomade you get a natural or solid styling , as you are used to from eg gel or hair wax. Your hair gets hold and - depending on Pomade - a mild to strong luster .
  • Pomade helps brittle hair, split ends and dry ends.
  • Pomade is a hair styling product with enormous history : Big stars from music, film and sport used and use pomade.
  • For this pomade is very economical in use - only a fingertip full enough already to achieve an effect. The best rub a dab of pomade after the shower to towel-dried hair and comb into the desired style.
  • Pomades, especially the classic retro Pomades of the 1920s to the 1950s, were and are completelywithout chemicals, such as preservatives and dyes, parabens, sulfates, silicones or emulsifiers produced. Today's pomades grab some then but on some chemistry back, but they can usually also wash out easily.

Disadvantages of pomade:

So great pomade is, you need to consider a couple of points:

  • Fixed pomades (for styling) give much more grip, but they can be but severe back washSpecialty shampoos help there but very good after.
  • Soft Pomade (for shine and care) are very economical to use, otherwise you will quickly look oily hair can. For this, they are better washed out, as fixed pomades. A fingertip a soft pomade leaves the hair ends fresh and brittle hair look more alive.
  • Pomade looks best in a classic hairstyle, such as the style section. With long hair pomades acts quickly greasy. Therefore, one should at long hair always use a little pomade and then best knead the tips or easily sweep over the hair.
  • The main component of pomade is Vaseline. although Vaseline nourishes hair and scalp, by protecting against cold and moisture loss. Generally clog but all ointments and creams with a high fat content, the pores through the insulating film. This makes them counter skin breathing. It is therefore advisable, that in the use of too much pomade in the evening to wash again . In my experience, but you can let the pomade also quiet a few days in the hair. Interestingly, the effect even more soothing effect on the scalp. And the hair look the next morning from natural and fresh.

It is worthwhile in any case, try this ingenious hair styling and hair care products! It gives you not just a piece of life of the elegant 1930s and the rebellious 1950s. But a truly outstanding hair styling product, gel, hairspray and mousse in dwarfing.




Which hairstyles is pomade intended for?     up



It is best to go with pomade all medium length and short hairstyles :

  • Hairstyles of the 1950s: as the Elvis quiff or Fasson section
  • Hairstyles of the 1920/30: Lustrous, smooth hairstyles
  • Modern fashionable hairstyles , instead of gel
  • For taming thick or stubborn hair

For which types of hair pomade is intended for?

Pomade is suitable for all short hair types :

  • Krause or wavy hair: For smooth (the only creates pomade) and style
  • For thick hair: for styling and for the wet-look effect, instead of the dried-gel
  • For normal hair: For styling, instead of gel
  • For thin hair: for styling instead of mousse. For a neat look
  • Confused, stubborn hair: to tame example for the morning after rising


Suitable pomade for long hair?


For long hair is pomade is less suitable for the style. care to but pomade is great even with long hair. The secret, however, is to use very little pomade :

  • For split ends and dry hair ends
  • For more shine in the hair
  • Due to the Styling


Which hairstyles pomade is not suitable?

Pomade is less suitable for styling of blow-dried, voluminous hairstyles long hair. In addition, pomade is of course not to be taken in redness of the scalp or allergic reactions (eg, pomade acne)




What ointment should I take?     up



In pomades you have to actually remember only the consistency, ie the density or strength.

In consistency to ointments can namely be divided into three categories. There are:

  1. Soft pomades , such as the Murray's Super Light
  2. Medium strength pomades , as Sweet Georgia Brown (red or blue)
  3. Fixed pomades , as the Murray's Superior or the DAX Wave & Groom

With this knowledge, great opportunities and playing fields open to the wonderful world of pomades.Basically:

  1. Soft pomades give shine and condition.

    Because you are usually with vegetable oils, such as coconut or aloe enriched. Thus, they are also softer and give a nice shine. Generally should be used sparingly with soft pomades. Especially in summer, the hairstyle can quickly become an oily matter. 
    Using a soft pomade you also get very nice 1930s hairstyles back - smoothed back and wonderfully shiny. In 1950 hairstyles, like the Elvis quiff, you can use soft pomade for a shiny finish.
  2. Medium strength pomades give shape

    It can be used for firmer hairstyles. Where the hairstyle then holds about half a day. Then the hair is relaxed, yet still retain a certain shape and velvety sheen.
  3. Fixed pomades give strong hold

    They are perfect for stollen, Hedgehog Looks weekend party or the dance marathon. They keep the hair together like concrete. The more you do in the hair, the stronger and more durable it is. But unfortunately they can be severe wash out. But a real freak pomade that does not matter, he sticks up the next morning another charge into the Great. In addition, very well help special shampoos for pomades.

Soft Pomade in the Winter, fixed in summer

The effect of pomade is also strongly dependent on the ambient temperature. Soft pomades are more for the winter, fixed for the summer.

While a super soft pomade holds the hairstyle in the winter in the form, they can melt in a hot environment then. As us a customer from Darmstadt wrote: "I was now for two weeks in Egypt and at 35-40 ° C in the shade was my Royal Crown as smooth as warm Nutella The grip for the hair so then decreases rapidly, of course also in order.. to be styled perfectly hot climate I recommend therefore to take tighter pomade! "





How do I use pomade?     up



Pomade example, you can like gel or hair wax to apply. You can install it into damp or dry hair.

For this, take a finger or only a fingertip full of pomade. Rub it between your fingers or hands. And ride with your hands on your head or with your fingers between the hair. Then you bring your hair with a comb or your fingers into the desired shape. That's it.

Once you have processed the pomade in your hair, the scalp warms the pomade on easily. After 10 to 20 minutes, the ointment is softer and more malleable. Your hair will be smooth and a nice luster - depending on the pomade matt, silky and strong luster. In this case your hairstyle stays all day to comb.


I want a loose, natural hair style without much effort

For this, take best a soft pomade, such as the Murray's Super Light or DAX Short & Neat. The pomade you process the still-damp hair. Alternatively, into dry hair. However, one tends to do more to dry hair pomade, as to damp. Eh you know it act the hair oily. Therefore, please note: even on dry hair to begin with a little pomade.


  • Apply morning or evening after the shower : a blob or just a finger dab of pomade to damp hair , rub and comb through. Once your hair is dry, you will have a nice slight sheen. Works with all hair lengths .
  • Daytime use: a dab of pomade or just a finger swab to dry hair , rub and comb through. Wait a couple minutes until the pomade is pomade in his hair and take more if needed. Works best on short to medium hair length.


I want a neat short hair hairstyle


For this, take best a soft pomade, such as the Murray's Super Light or DAX Short & Neat. Instructions can be found at: 7 steps to summer styling 




How do I combine Pomade and Hair Tonic?     up



First Hair Tonic, then Pomade


  1. Start with 2-3 shot of Hair Tonics directly from the bottle to the scalp and rub into dry hair in different places (usually the front end, as well as left and right side vertices). When Vaseline Hair Tonic  meet a few drops.
  2. For a couple seconds, massage with fingertips. In the 1930-50s, the manufacturer recommended differently. Now either blow dry while already vorstylen with the comb or brush the hair the desired hairstyle 
  3. Or let air dry 
  4. Or just let the hair moisturized 
  5. Now the rub into the hair pomade. Depending on requirements, a fingertip to 2-3 fingers full.
  6. Combing with a - best hand-sawn - comb . Or brush with a hair brush made ​​of boar bristles
  7. Ready to go



How do I wash out pomade?      up


 The washing must be seen in pomades in another category: pomades are made to stay in his hair. Not like gel.

If you as years of solid gel users pomades, such as the Murray's Superior wants to wash out, you become frustrated quickly. For these extremely strong pomade clings to the hair firmly as chewing gum. But the feeling of irritation considering. And real Pomadefans want the pomade does not wash, because again anyway pomade comes into hair early in the. One thing you will notice at Pomade: it feels oddly enough, feels great on the scalp if you do not wash out the pomade time. No itching, no greasy feeling. The only thing that irritated, now lack Auswaschritual which you have practiced for years with hair gel. And the initial panic of dandruff, oily hair and itchy scalp gives way to the realization that pomade is based on the skin care product Vaseline. couple days makes it all but then joy the hair to wash clean. And then shampoos need to the front. Especially in medium-solid and solid pomades to get without a special shampoo not far if you want to have all the stuff out of your hair. For the tenacious Pomade (especially Murray's Superior) sticks to the head and is difficult to get out. Various blogs also dish soap, olive oil or baby powder is referred to as a remedy.

The following has been proven to wash out pomade:

  1. Pomade Shampoo
  2. Olive Oil: For this you give, in the palm of your hand, the normal dose shampoo (usually hazelnut size) the same amount of olive oil added . Both mix with the fingers together. And the pleasant creamy mixture applied to the hair. Then leave on for 2-4 minutes, lather and rinse thoroughly.
  3. Vaseline Hair Tonic: In the 1930s, it was recommended once a week, much of this oil-based hair tonic to do in the hair, namely BEFORE shampooing the. Works great with pomade - of course with the one more at a less - but basically helps pomade oil. The best example of oil-contaminated hands with soap (also consists of oil) back inside.

And if the pomade out is not completely out of your hair, that's not so bad. Because pomade is made ​​for it to stay in your hair (original quote from Murray's). I have also learned that a soft or medium strength pomade s honest good help in the pomade to loosen up a bit from the day before. And the hair looks fit again.

In the 1930s you had the pomade left all the way in her hair or those dusted with flour. The flour had absorbed the pomade and you could do this then rub dry with a towel. Shampoo came once a week to the head. 
Instead of flour you can now take dry shampoo. So that makes my wife, if you have used a little pomade.


Tip 1: From PomadeShop client Frank

For those a little difficult to do with the washing SOLID pomades:

  1. Rub the hair before shampooing with plenty BURNING ESSEL! Hair lotion. I use this a cheap product a known drugstore chain with the centaur in the logo of Y ** g, for about 1 xx • uro/500ml. This pomade is dissolved noticeably.
  2. Then DAX shampoo or a comparable shampoo massaged into the hair (still do not use water!) And about 3-5min. Leave on.
  3. After the exposure a little water can be properly lather with fingers in his hair and the shampoo and then rinse thoroughly.
  4. Possibly shampooing again, depending on the strength of the pomade and wash. This time then without Nettle Hair Tonic.

(Thanks for this tip to Frank L. from Hörstel)


Tip 2: From PomadeShop customer Daniel

I recently the British Brylcreem bought - and found by chance that it is an infallible means to even the hardest pomade like the red Dax and Murray's Superior wash! Maybe You like the yes in your collection of tips record? I've much tried - oil, hair tonic, special shampoos - and am now met by chance on a really workable means: British Brylcreem (the red!)! I bought it to enjoy a relaxing side parting à la "Mad Men" to style. A little later I noticed that the Brylcreem, apply after the hard pomade a day, this softens, and the hair in the evening after washing twice showed up (with prior use of oil-free hair tonic) completely carefree and natural. So summarized:

  1. First day: Great with red Dax / Murray's Superior
  2. Second day: side parting with Brylcreem
  3. Evening of the second day:
    1. Abundant hair tonic (for this purpose tuts cheap birch hair lotion from the drugstore) to dry hair
    2. Shampoo afterwards
    3. Lather with water
    4. Nachshampoonieren Again
    5. Wash out
    6. FAT-FREE!

Daniel P.

(Thanks for this tip to Daniel P. from Magdeburg)



Tip 3: From PomadeShop customer-Christian

Works 100% on the Red Dax:

  1. Mix olive oil with rapeseed or oil repair shampoo own brand of the drug store with the two letters (€ 1.45).
  2. then massage into the hair. then use a comb to comb through properly. then lather. Leave on. rinse.
  3. First you will notice that the pomades wax mixture still stuck in your hair. but now the pinched:
  4. oil conditioner repair its own brand of the drug store with the two letters (also € 1.45). spread generously throughout wet hair and allow 10-15minutes act.
  5. then rinses.

the red dax is with me then get to 95%. if required just continue up conditioner and leave it, then everything is completely outside. since I use this combination I am looking downright on 3tägliche hair wash, because I know that I will not festellen frustrated after the wash cycle that my hair is pomade still full :). I would be glad if they would publish it at their tips, so maybe being able to help even more Auswaschgeplagten.

MfG Christian H.

(Thanks for this tip to Christian H.)


I've put too much pomade in my hair. Is that bad?

No. Pomade is based on the skin care product Vaseline. Vaseline protects the hair and scalp from heat and moisture loss. Pomade is also made to stay in his hair. I let pomade always 2-3 days in hair. After a couple of days or as soon as you want you can wash out the pomade yet again.





What is the shelf life?     up



Pomade least 15 years. Hair cream 2 years

Classic pomade is really tough for a long time. Officially, the anzugegebende Maximium "36 M", ie 36 months or 3 years. But thanks to vaseline pomade holds several years to 15 years and even longer. A Sweet Georgia Brown Pomade, which I bought in the early 1990s in Australia you can still use: the scent is the same consistency as well, only the color is darker. styling creams and water-based pomades, as the Layrite, Brylcreem or swagger, hold approximately two years. But until then, you have the product already depleted.

Hair Tonics keep well for several years. Alcohol or oil keep the water fresh head. A Lucky Tiger Hair Tonic from the 1950s, which adorns our little hairstyling Museum, one would want to take today.


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