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FAQ Dapper Dan / Don Draper

Dapper Dan becomes Don Draper

FAQ: Dapper Dan becomes Don Draper

You will notice that more and more Dapper Dan products will disappear over the course of 2024. Don't worry, they will just be replaced by Don Draper products. Only the name will change. Nothing else.

1. Why is the name Dapper Dan changing to Don Draper?

Because there have been repeated complications with another brand of the same name. To resolve this, we are giving up the name Dapper Dan by the end of the year and changing all previous Dapper Dan products to Don Draper. With the same design and the same recipes. The Dapper Dan products will therefore continue to be available without interruption, only they will be called Don Draper.

2. Couldn't you just keep Dapper Dan?

Yes, we did that for 10 years and would have loved to stay that way. That's exactly why we had a kind of territory sharing agreement with the other Dapper Dan brand, in which we agreed to limit the sale of our Dapper Dan products to "our countries". And vice versa.

Unfortunately, there were always cross-sellings of our products into "their" countries. And their products into "our" countries. This not only led to frustration and a lot of time-consuming communication on both sides, but above all to confusion among customers, who - understandably - could no longer identify which products came from whom, since they both had the same name. Also our two-brand strategy (i.e. running the Dapper Dan brand alongside the Don Draper brand) also led to confusion among customers, and our products were repeatedly mistakenly remembered by customers as "Don Dapper", "Dan Draper", "Dapper Don" or "Draper Dan." Our products were also repeatedly mistakenly shown together with the other manufacturer's logo. And vice versa.

3. What happens to the Dapper Dan brand?

The Dapper Dan brand was bought by another manufacturer and will be used for his products in "our" previous countries (especially Germany, Austria and Switzerland) from summer 2024 on. These products from the other manufacturer differ in design and recipes from our previous Dapper Dan products (and the continued Don Draper products). 

We, our previous Dapper Dan brand and the Dapper Dan products distance ourselves from this other Dapper Dan brand, which is not intended to be a judgment. We just have nothing to do with it anymore. 

4. How did you came up with the name Don Draper?

Since the introduction of our Dapper Dan brand, our products could only be sold under the name Dapper Dan in Germany and a few surrounding countries. However, as we kept getting inquiries from countries where we could not deliver under the name Dapper Dan, we looked for a name similar to Dapper Dan and came up with "Don Draper". Both names - Dapper Dan and Don Draper - had a lot in common: the same initials ("DD"), one shorter word (3 letters) and one longer word (6 letters), and all letters except one were identical in both names, just in a different order. Since its launch, the Don Draper brand has been very well received by customers, many of whom do not even make any connection to the Dapper Dan brand and react with surprise when we present the connection between the two brands.

5. I liked the Dapper Dan brand. What should I do now?

We did too. Unfortunately, there was no way around reaching an agreement with the other brand owner and giving up our Dapper Dan brand in order to end years of complications and costs. However, we will transfer the spirit and energy of our previous Dapper Dan brand to Don Draper. In addition, the products under the Don Draper brand can now be purchased worldwide, which was not possible for over 10 years under the Dapper Dan brand for trademark reasons, not only for us, but also for the barbershops, resellers and fans.

6. I am a reseller and still have a stock of Dapper Dan products. Can I continue to sell them?

Yes, the remaining stocks of our Dapper Dan products can be sold indefinitely. We will just no longer manufacture any more products under the Dapper Dan name, only under the Don Draper name. 

7. The original remains original: DD

Except for the brand name, everything remains the same: the recipes remain the same, the compositions unchanged - for over 10 years now. 

If you have any questions, you can contact us at info@pomadeshop.de or at +49-89-69374504.

Thank you for your support.

Stan Soldan

Founder and managing owner of PomadeShop

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